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Eprofessional Collaboration

Eprofessional Collaboration

The eprofessional is someone who telecommutes using information and communication technologies. It is also known as a telecommuter! Collaboration with the small business owners is normal. The flexibility to outsource problems and in turn accept work within their practice allows the person maximize their output.In order to work there needs to be inherent flexibility and a willingness to be cooperative.

The tools of collaboration are:

  1. Video conferencing such as zoom
  2. Application sharing such as office 365 suite
  3. Document management and storage such as Dropbox and Adobe services
  4. Blogging and social media pages which ideas can be exchanged

The Eprofessional

Inherent skills used by the business are mandatory when it comes to the above. The communicative skills required allow the sharing of information.


In my own main business, I have a backbone cloud shared accounting with MYOB essentials. This allows me to share reports and data with the client in real time. I am more a collaborator in their business now more than ever. It seems also that cloud-based message systems are being used more and more by clients as real-time is where the clients want results. Being familiar with the systems allows me to operate with ease!


How long will it be before your business will require these skills! Click to start learning!


Andrew Elphick

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Collaboration Reasons


The internet is full of video of content where people are freely giving you ideas to assist you in your business. Some of the ideas are good, some not so good! In my search for collaborative partners, I looked far and wide! If I was going to take my business to the next level and effectively transport myself into the cyber array, I clearly needed help! I wanted information that was here and now, not something handed down three years ago by some academic when they were learning about business. I had to collaborate with people who were actually doing! I studied not only how they were doing it but also their motivation! The reason for this is that to achieve what I had to do I had to put in some hard work that was going to create some serious stress! I also had to maintain work-life balance! So I started my collaborative journey here! The more I collaborated the more I saw my life needs to change. I started to look at mind body and soul balance and let the stress melt away with meditation and yoga. I started to understand what I was doing and that in itself brought a smile to my face!

I began to understand the differences in peoples offering I learned that hard sell and bullying had no place and did not lead to that joy and happiness on the journey. I learned that content was king! I learned in order to be congruent I needed to walk the walk, not talk the talk!

Collaboration Mindset Learning

Anywhere Business Network Logo

I am now in a much better position with my digital skills, however still need constant collaboration!


Andrew Elphick

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You whether have that X-factor or you need to develop it.

I watched a person with that x-factor today and I felt warm inside, the hairs grabbed the back of the net and a smile was brought to my face! What was that x-factor that I saw? As a word picture, I saw love and experienced it. How did this person do it? I think I know their secret! Want to know it? They are in perfect balance of mind body and soul. I would hasten to think that if I studied their aura it would be pure white! They emanate from perfection! They ensure that they have the right mix and are in touch with themselves! The person is always working on their mind body and soul! This was not always the case. They got there by hard work and self-sacrifice and are still doing this. They give themselves to there practice and forgo a lot to give back! These are important lessons in life!


The key to there sense of presence was the knowledge that there totally coherent with what they were talking about! They had researched there topic and knew what they were talking about. Given there a sense of being they came across as friendly and forthcoming acknowledging all those present while staying on track with the message.

The Other Office Get inspired

So, in summary, the key was knowing the subject knowledge and belief/faith in what they were talking about!

We all have this ability for our business, leaving us all with something to think about!

Watch this person for example!


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AMLCT War on Terror

AML/CT Compliance
War on Terror!

AMLCT War on Terror
The US-led war on terror is now in the next stage of impacting on my business!!! First, it was FACTA.
The next sledgehammer to crack a walnut. Reporting suspicious transactions to the NZ Police.
In the ordinary course of affairs, I frequently commence companies for clients to trade their business.
I do not have a trust account so that at least makes my compliance better. I understand I will be the compliance officer and responsible for compliance as well as my systems being subject to audit.
I firstly need to be CDD and EDD aware! Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced customer due diligence
Who is targeted by EDD?
• A trust or another vehicle for holding personal assets
• A non-resident customer from a country that has insufficient AML/CFT systems or measures in place
• A company with nominee shareholders or shares in bearer form,
• A politically exposed person (PEP)
• Customers seeking to conduct a complex, unusually large transaction or unusual pattern of transactions that have no apparent or visible economic or lawful purpose
• Any other customer that you assess (based on your risk assessment and standard CDD) to be of high ML/TF risk,
• Customers seeking to use new and developing technologies or products that might favor anonymity

I am lucky as I do not start trusts and am not a trustee, however as with the past, I need to be acutely aware of the source of funds (as in the past) and customer identity!
I need a list of shady countries as things may not be as they seem.
I always have real shareholders so that’s not too bad.
I will avoid all politicians like the plaque! Anyway who trusts politicians!
I will avoid anyone who is being complexed… been there done that, got rid of 4 clients like that!
Anyone who wants to be anonymous will have to have a bloody good reason! In addition, if I notice things suddenly change in vanilla clients I must be EDD at all time!

I have to do a manual too… hopefully, my peer group will develop one! In addition, I will need an auditor of the manual and me! I guess the costs of starting a new company will have to bear that cost! Pity the next person who wants to own a dairy who would benefit from being a company, instead of $345.00 to start the company being charged $3450.00 to cover the cost of the audit!

What it boils down to is knowing my customers. I don’t think that the authorities are trying to impede business!
So when I on board a client I will need: You may have to provide documents confirming your name, birthdate and address:
• passport; or
• drivers’ license and bank card;

• bank statement or power bill
If you represent a company or trust, you may have to provide extra information like:
• evidence of who you’re acting for (that is, the beneficial owners who effectively control or benefit from the trust or company).
Simple as?

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I am in business. There are highs and lows, things I can control and things you can’t, as well as lots of what if moments! Planning my daily routine helps, however, there are still those moments when my confidence fails, and self-doubt arises. I consider myself to be brave being in business, I am the architect of your own destiny, and of course, I benefit immensely from the decisions I make. My secret to that courage is to let go to my higher power, my soul, my self-confidence and those feelings deep inside. Some may describe this as letting go to love, not the physical act, but that persona that dwells in us all the time that is waiting to be acknowledged.  Confidence building means leaving myself open to success and opening myself up by taking a chance, a calculated chance, however, there are still elements of risk.

Letting go in an immersion of love generates those feelings of passion for the task at hand.

Trusting in your abilities combined with collaboration with mentors and learning the elements of what makes a success is all part of the process. The biggest part is still that leap of faith and ensuring feelings of joy and happiness are the mainstay of the journey.

Faith Serenity

The key to serenity

In one statement, I have learned from experience is, trust your feelings, if it does not feel right it is not yet the time to do it. Further collaboration and learning may be required.

I did not get to this point in my life without the acknowledgment of soul. I did this through meditation, the power of balancing mind body and soul and getting in touch with that balance of the divine feminine and the wise masculine. It takes ongoing real work on my part as well as guidance and faith. I have found this to be my motivator in the darkest hours.


This is what my faith is!


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Recognising Yin

My journey was always missing something. While the tinker, tailor, soldier, and spy in me was satisfied, I felt that something else was needed inside. I examined what made me up and found in eastern terms I was satisfying my yang and I need yin to balance it! Don’t get me wrong I have a partner and am a father and grandfather. I began to understand that I would be a lazy so and so if I relied on my partner to provide that yin! I needed to do that job myself! One of the first activities I set my myself was to look at my energy, the spontaneity and the essence of me and see what I could do about it! I saw myself becoming an angry old man, devoid of charisma, that essence of attraction! It was worse than I thought, to change, I needed to learn. I sort help and was referred to an energy worker, clearances followed of my energy centres and found that I was lacking in many minerals. My taste, smell, feelings slowly started to have awareness. I took up meditation and added yoga asanas for emotional relief. I added more walking and vinyasa asanas. My energy that I was emitting improved, the anger subsided and was replaced the feelings of that love that I was nurturing inside. I studied and adopted Buddhist practice to ensure that I concentrated on the things that mattered as well as developing the asanas that I was undertaking. I started opening my horizons more and found I was able to see who really mattered as gurus, and those whom I should just acknowledge their presence and be grateful for all the diversity in the world. All these things led to a different horizon in my search for balance. I feel that I have improved my life with more acceptance, patience, thankfulness and gratitude. I understand that state of grace that I live with has to be nurtured and maintained. The next part of my journey will have joy and happiness at its core, the main qualities of love.

Making Videos Requires Paitence

So off to mow the lawns and do the yard chores grounding myself in the garden, followed by Yoga and then after lunch a political meeting…. Yup Yin and Yang both have to be maintained!



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You too can begin a journey with a catalyst!



Today I completed a survey basically it was asking about business confidence and needs.

It was a bit like doing the recent census it was all about my needs. Now don’t get me wrong I like assistance. However, the objectives of the survey don’t generate the macro drivers in a local economy such as tourist numbers, value-added dairy produce, mining, fishing, and forestry. It does not help me develop servicing internal demand for my services.

The Minister in Charge of the West Coast Eugenie Sage prefers the company of other than human beings so as a result of that is adverse to Mining and sustainable native forestry. As mining applications grind to a halt and those existing are enveloped in red tape the Coast needs to develop other strategies.

Our local milk company is expanding but alas it is processing off the coast more and more and while that increase the payout for farmers, does like for additional jobs.

While the accommodation sector talks of new hotels it has no new projects currently, being undertaken. While Greymouth will have a new Hospital, there is little other major construction.

The star in the crown as far as Tourism is the Trans Alpine a rail service that delivers 300 tourists a day.

Another gem is the tour buses that stop in Greymouth each night, as well as the brief stop by Stray and Kiwi experience. Those buses number up to 15 buses a day averaging another 300 tourists. Self-driving campervans and rental cars make an overwhelming majority of visitors with 400 to 500 movements thru Greymouth a day.

I asked a Contiki driver one day why they did not stop in Greymouth. He replied if you had something for the tourists to do they would come. Currently we have Shantytown and this is on the stopping point for some of the buses, however, the attractions do not appeal to the 18-35-year-old market.

Some would say Greymouth has plenty of cafes and restaurants, perhaps so, however they need to be within a short walking distance of railway station or easy parking.

What is here

In addition, Air links are woefully inadequate on the West Coast, you cannot go to Auckland and back in a day for meetings unless you are prepared to drive 6 hours in total before and after the trip! Tourists are not currently being supported by air travel.

So what do you do, to drive more money from Tourism? You give them an experience that they will take home, you make that human connection, you give them something to spend there time here!


A start with that would be to focus on service to Tourists that stands out, i.e. going that extra mile. Accommodation cafes restaurants service stations supermarkets need to be fully on board with going that extra mile. Only then we will increase the numbers spending more time here in Greymouth. Then attractions, new capital investment in accommodation and more cafes and restaurants will become more viable.



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We all have abilities that we nurture over the years.

Mine is taxation!

Hey, I know that it appears boring to a lot of people, however, it has held my interest since 1980! After being with Inland Revenue (read IRS/ATO) I branched out my own in 1997 and joined a group of peers for support. As with any organization you participate and as such, I served on its controlling body for six years as well as being a member active in supporting it! So my peers recognized that by making me a fellow of my peer group! I was quite pleased! I am also pleased that it recognizes my ethics!

Abilities ethical recognition

Andrew Elphick receiving recognition for ethical abilities

My success in this field all goes down to being a member who is part of a community. Now Anywhere Business Network is also part of a community! The digital marketing part of our company is an active member of the digital expert’s academy and as such has access to what happened last week in digital marketing! This differs from traditional learning in that the members are all actively marketing their business online and the mentors within the community have incredible ability. You too can experience the power of digital learning and currently, there is a 30-day free trial! Worth a look!

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Brand Sustainability

Brand Sustainability and the Ethical Brand

In today’s world, there are commodity sellers that sell the same products and services but are differentiated by there brand marketing. The thing is with commodities is there is always a way to undersell the competition with marketing processes. Examples include the impact of digital disruption! These brands have taken the megatrends of the sharing economy and cloud computing to the market and have as a result made their product as easy as possible to buy. The question arises is are they sustainable? Some of the ethics that I have witnessed with these businesses are that they move there profits to low tax countries and exploit their contractors. Are these practices ethical? Are they sustainable? With any commodity are they susceptible to competition? With any commodity margins are small so as a result as time goes on and margins get thinner the result is not sustainable. Your busy depends on margin and whether your clients want to buy! You need to differentiate your self from the competition be different! You need to care about your customers and ensure that your ethics, the way you conduct business, contributes to your community!

Your customers need to be there in 20 years time! Think Brand Sustainability

  1. You create sales by making people aware of your product and listen to your customers feedback to make the product better.
  2. Don’t be a one trick pony develop a strategy that will have your clients coming back for more
  3. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with people who have been there and done that, Get potential clients opinions of the product or service before you start using too many resources.
  4. Inspirational marketing gets your customers involved in your business they are stakeholders, show them that they are valued!
Create raving fans with brand sustainability

Raving Fans

The possibilities are out there just remember the people aspect! Has your brand got sustainability?




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Customer Value

I think most people can think of a time when they have had bad customer service? If only those businesses had thought about the value of your business in not only terms of the money you spend with them each year but also the referrals you give to others- good and bad.

When dealing with customers it is important to recognise the value your customers bring in $ terms. If you have staff you need to convey this $ figure to them. Watch the video above for a great illustration of this.

You cant afford to be indifferent. Ensure each approach to your customers is with service in mind not thinking about the cleaning yet to be done so you can go home, not going for a break, not thinking about how long you have been at work …. make sure you have each customers needs in mind before yours or don’t put yourself in front of the customer. If you work for yourself you might have the option to not answer the phone for example rather than bring your baggage to the communication. How you and your staff feel will affect and project how you/they feel about your business and be projected to the customer.

You cant afford this to be anything else but a good experience.


Kerri Bainbridge


Kairos Effect

Déjà vu

The Kairos Effect. Have ever had that moment of synchronicity when your hairs on the back of the neck rise or your body feel a warmth or gut starts murmuring and you know the situation you are in is familiar to you in that you have experienced it before! A feeling cloaks you with joy and happiness and occasionally trepidation! The ancient Greeks had a word for this the Kairos moment e.g. word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment. Body balance is all about getting your mind body and soul aligned and that Kairos moment is seen by some as the presence of the soul! The ancient Tibetans showed that by aligning the energy centers of the body that enlightenment, by way of freeing the mind and body from distractions, could be given a chance to develop.  It seems the body has centers where emotions and behaviors are manifest. This phenomenon when developed allows us to listen to our body and mind to see the presence of the soul! 15th-century Gregorian monks used chanting to connect with there source and analysis of the notes match with charka tones used to clear the chakras. The Kairos moments then have a chance to develop and that wondrous ability to know if by instinct that you are on the right track or opportunity has arisen. In recent times there has been a resurgence in finding that source.



So next time you have a Kairos effect moment remember the possibilities!


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3 planning tips to set you up for the day

Be inspired to plan your day

Are you celebrating your successes? If you are not then you are probably not setting any goals. Here are my 3 top tips for successfully planning your day and feeling like you have achieved something.

  1. Plan to do your top 3 tasks

Every morning, make a list of the top 3 things you want to achieve that day. You may have a bigger “to do list” and that’s good but you need to prioritise them. Select 1 big one and 2 small easy ones. Ideally the 2 smaller ones can be knocked off in one day. With the big one you will need to have several sub goal because it is so big. See my blog on Planning a Successful Year to help with this. It is important to set yourself up to have a good day and feel you have achieved something. If you don’t plan to achieve anything you will constantly feel like you never achieve anything. Logical right? So many people just get up and look at all the tasks and try to get as much done as they can. Stop doing this. You need to see progress.

For me the small tasks are things like – get out todays orders or get out 10 orders in 2 hours or spend 2 hours answering emails. If you just sit at your computer an answer all your emails or fill every order you may never get to anything else. You may need to set up an auto email response to say you aim to answer all emails within 2 working days. You may need a similar one for orders that state when an order will be filled. If you can do better than your stated response time you will and this will make the customer happy but they knew not to expect anything else.

  1. 50/10 rule

Work on one important task for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Refocus, start a fresh and get back to your to-do list (see point 1). During this 10 minute break I recommend:

  • you don’t just have coffee during this break. Do something physical like stretching or go for a quick walk around the house or garden.
  • you make sure you have plenty of water to sip on during the day and reduce your coffee in take to 2-3 cups a day.
  1. Use a diary

You might use a paper diary or a digital diary but if you don’t use it well you will not feel you are on top of things. I use google calendar on my phone and this syncs with my online calendar in google. When I first started using my digital diary I also used a paper diary as I like to see things on paper. It might take you a while to let go of your paper diary too. Find something that works for you. The thing I found hardest was talking to clients and booking the appointment at the same time. I eventually found a way to fix that. What I did was to have an online booking system with set times I was available. This sent them a reminder too which helped with no shows. There are lots of online booking systems and the free ones don’t have reminders. I found it was worth paying for it.

You can invite clients to an appointment on google calendar and hope it ends up in their calendar. That’s free. This relies on you to take the booking and set it up. If you pay for a system you put in your time slots and clients choose a time. This saves heaps of time if you are looking for time savings.

Let me know how you are going with these. Give us your feedback on Facebook or here in the comments.

Kerri Bainbridge


Why I Blog

I blog because I believe passionately in the content that we put out!

The tagline of the business is mindset collaboration and learning and this has been canvassed in each the blogs that Kerri and I have authored! Our website has access to books, learning systems, contact and snippets from social media. The over 1000 videos on Instagram also are there to support that tagline. I believe that we have helped and assisted people by inspiring them to action. I know that my own digital skills have exploded out of sight because I carried out the daily routine of the creation of the posts and content. Specifically;

  1. MY HTML skills and SEO writing are 1000% better now than when I started
  2. My mindset has changed where I am a lot more mindful of balancing my mind body and spiritual needs
  3. The creation, editing, packaging, and placement of anything up to 17 track video is a new skill.
  4. My awareness of the big wide world out there means I am communicating daily with people here and on the other side of the world as well as forming real friendships
  5. My own business has morphed from just coasting along to a cloud business with systems in place that allow me to have a far greater choice.
  6. My mentors are and can be anyone I choose and not be limited to those just in my community, some of whom have a severely limited mindset and outlook to the world.


So over the years while I have been on this journey I have received lots of feedback. People generally like the content and it rings a bell with them. I have shared the secret many times!


Are you ready to embark on a journey? Are you ready to change your mindset?


The first step, join with our mentors and sign up free for 30 days!

Digital Business Lounge


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Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

When you are working the number one feeling is having a positive attitude.

Take yesterday, for example, a friend told me he would help re-roof the garage six months ago and arrived at 9.00am. I jumped at the opportunity and then spent the next eight hours stripping and putting on new iron. I got blisters on my hands and cut my fingers. It was a glorious situation when the weather forecast on the radio expected thunder and lightning later on in the day and we sped up work. I loved doing the work. We completed it and I then obtained the necessary supplies required when a friend puts in an effort and for the next hour sat admiring the work from the shelter of the porch as the heavens came down. I could feel my body in all sorts of places the yoga I do does not go. When I bid my farewells I drew a hot bath and scrubbed the rust and grim off, dried my self off and felt like a million bucks. I felt satisfied.

My attitude got me thru.


If you carry a positive attitude with love and passion for what you are doing it helps!




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Motivation Passion Love

What is your Motivation?

Motivation can take many forms. The best motivation I have found is one where I have feelings. Negative emotions make me make mistakes and I end up with costly rework when I am fired up with a passion for something I love my productivity goes thru the roof! So it was a no-brainer for me to pursue my passions and deal with the negative by acceptance or outsourcing! I also started to chip away at the negative by changing my mindset, allowing the diversity of opinion and using meditation to reinforce the acceptance of things that spurred negative emotion. I also used time management to get the daily routine into one where I was in control of my emotions.
owed me to be fired up

  • That allowed the love!

  • That allowed the passion!

  • That all and perform!

What are you doing to fire that passion 365 days a year? Motivation is required!



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Beat the Sunday night blues- kickstart your working week

Take a look at these great spaces that I found on Houzz, and let me know what you think.

Mondayitis is real, but there are ways to turn things around – what you do on Sunday can impact the whole week ahead

11 February 2018
Houzz editorial team. Photojournalist specialising in design, travel and living well….
As the weekend draws to a close and Monday looms ever closer, it’s time to step up and take action. Not over-the-top exhausting action; gentle action that will ease the dread of Sunday night and sweeten the start to your week. Who knows – adopt a few of these simple habits and Monday morning might start to look a whole lot brighter. Dare I say you may even begin to look forward to the start of the working week?

Are you really working by yourself when you work for yourself?

I have been doing a lot of Facebook live posts about gathering a team around you when you work for yourself because its important you dont see working for yourself as working alone. Why is this important?

If you have come from a team based environment it can be hard to get used to working by yourself. There doesnt seem to be anyone to bounce ideas around with, no one to ask when you get stuck on that computer program or task you know someone else helped you out with, no one to have a coffee with or catch up on the weekend sport with. This is not the same as missing working for someone else. Its about loving the energy of working in a team.

Advice on money

It is possible to work in a team when you work for yourself. It involves gathering around you people who help you do what you do. Your accountant helps with the finances so it make sense that you seek advice and discuss ideas with your accountant around how you should spend or risk your money. Some accountants are very skilled business coaches too. They can help with business plans and financial coaching. If yours isnt helpful you need to find one who is. (Andrew is great if you need one info@anywherebusinessnetwork.co.nz)


Maybe you have a friend or aquantance you have admired for their head for business. How about asking them to be a sounding board for you. You could approach you local business chamber or business development group to see if they have business mentors.

Business partner

Having a business partner often makes good sense. You each should have strenghts the other values and have the abiltiy to share the work load and contribute to the business financially. Hey presto, you now have a person to share ideas, money, learning… everything.

Online business community

There are lots of great online learning forums that you a great community of people doing and learning just like you. Find one and start talking to people. When you get personal and share you will find lots of people come out of the woodwork and give.

Let me know if this has helped you.

Kerri Bainbridge

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Mindful Business

Is your Business Responsible?

Five Pillars of a Mindful Business

Five pillars of mindful business

It is great to have a business but having a mindful business appeals to more people than just a single focus on sales. The world can only be sustainable if you work with the world, and not against it. What will your great grandchildren think about the legacy you leave them?

  1. Environment

Look at your waste and energy footprints.

  1. Community Involvement and Development

Are you volunteering and being active.

  1. Diversity and inclusion

Are you equal in your outlook in the diversity of belief and abilities?

  1. Wellbeing

Are you promoting health and exercise of the mind, body, and soul?

  1. Operating Practices

Are morality and ethics socially acceptable?


Ultimately this is the responsible business! Are you planning to change?


I have always worked from home and have to mindful of energy, family life, breaks, the inclusion of all beliefs and abilities. I live in a very special place which wants its area preserved. I volunteer for community activities and participate to support the community. I consider my scorecard to always be a work in progress.

What does your scorecard look like?


Andrew Elphick

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What is your footprint like?


I spent a couple of hours after Topical cyclone Fehi cleaning up a beach area in my hometown of Greymouth after sea erosion had reopened a dump closed 25 years ago. The rubbished consisted of Styrofoam and plastic shopping bags. Now the smell was still pungent I got my gloves on and  picked up my share of 5 large bags. Now I really understand that plastic just does not go away. These days a lot of plastic is recycled, but then a lot isn’t! In New Zealand, 69% is recycled and that leaves the other 31% for a legacy for our great-grandchildren. A way to reduce this is to eliminate plastic bags in your life! Buy some jute bags to take to the supermarket, insist on paper/cardboard coffee cups, even better drink out of China! It is not only plastic but the way we do business! When is the last time you cycled or walked to an appointment? I am lucky that on the West Coast of New Zealand 100% of our power comes from renewable energy, however if your energy comes from carbon sources start thinking about turning things off! In the end what legacy do you want to leave? Remember working from home in a digital environment cuts down on your energy use immensely!



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Time to change


Time is at a premium in all our lives, however, time management can produce time for you! The tools that are available today to work and earn money are amazing. Automation of sales funnels and virtual assistants can allow you to focus on driving your business to the next level by producing content that your tribe is interested in! There are some amazing loving people out around the world who can mentor and assist you gain that edge by seeing and learning the use of those tools! Would it not be great to be able to have that time to ground yourself on that beach, feeling the sand between your feet? With the right tools making the time to do that is achievable!

The net result is cultivating joy in your day and when you have that it will assist in rekindling the passion in your business!

Do you want to no more about how those tools work? Sign up for a 30 trial!


Andrew Elphick

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