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Understanding the language of social media

language of social media


The language of social media can be very confusing

When do you put a #hash tag and what do they mean. You may be wondering how you can ever get to grips with it. You simply need to invest time in yourself learning about it or you will just be spinning your wheels and spending time on in effective social media posts.

Online learning

If you have hooked into the online learning platform I suggested in my last blog you will be are working through the modules and attending the Marketing webinars to get a better understanding of who your market is, where they are hanging out and what they need. Plus you will be learning about the language of each social media platforms. Here is a summary of some of the languages of social media:

Facebook– Man, I love pizza.

Twitter– I am eating a #pizza

Youtube– How to make pizza

LinkedIn– Pizza eating is one of my many skills

Pinterest– My favourite pizza recipe

Instagram-#out for #pizza #lunchtime #restaurant #image #filter

Google+– I work at Google and love pizza

Follow us on social media to see examples.If you need help, check out the Digital Kickstart page on this website.

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Where are your audience hanging out on social media?

online hangouts

Hangouts Social Media Post

If you are new to social media or are only dabbling in Facebook you might be feeling like this topic is in the “too hard basket”. Believe me you cannot ignore it. Like anything if you want to really understand it you need to invest time in yourself to do just that. If you don’t you could end up not reaching a potential market or spending money advertising on social media targeting the wrong market or no one at all. First thing you need to know is where you target market is hanging out.

Where is my target market?

First you need to define your market. Are they male/female/ what is their age/where do they live..etc

Then you need to, based on this information, know where online they are hanging out.

If your product appeals to 60+ you will have a different strategy to those who are teenagers.

Look at this age representation of users I got from Smart Insights: this clearly shows that with audiences 18-34 yrs Snapchat has the highest audience of all the social media platforms.


You can go to The Statista Portal for more on social media trends. Take a look at this chart I took from this website:
Infographic: Facebook Inc. Dominates the Social Media Landscape | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

You can’t afford not to know about this stuff.

Next: How do I get this knowledge?

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