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What do you need to know about having a social media presence?

It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t know anything about online marketing. in a very short space of time we now know a lot and are successfully using online marketing tool to market our businesses. Now we are asked all the time about “how do you do it?”. There are a whole generation of kids in their teens right now who wont need to ask for our help. They already know more than us. But there are many like us who didn’t have a clue where to start.

Do you feel over whelmed by the amount to learn about social media?

Are you even using social media personally? Many are not.

Ready for something that will potentially change your life and help you start your own business online?

If you are answer is YES, then this page is for you. Our goal is to help people find the best quality programs online. Ultimately a digital strategy should form part of your business plan. If you don’t have one we can help wiht that too. Download your free Business Planning Tool today.

Digital Strategy Solutions

We have 3 suggestions for you:

Option 1: Buy a 1 hour Digital Kickstart consultation or follow up session with us OR

Option. 2: Buy access to a Webinar on Digital Kickstart from us OR

Option 3: Earn while you learn with a reputable online training site.

Option 4: Pay us to do your social media marketing. Contact us to find out more. 

Option 1 and 2


What do you know about Marketing and Social Media ?

Digital Kickstart is a product of Anywhere Business Network. Kickstart your digital marketing journey with an hour one to one session with Kerri.

Option 1: This is an intensive one-on-one consultation giving you insights into digital media specifically for your business. This consultation is held with Kerri Bainbridge via the online Zoom Meeting platform. The benefit of this one on one consultation is that we can discuss your needs directly during the consultation.

Followup sessions 

Dive deeper with your social media and have an hour with Kerri to discuss one or two specific platforms OR

Learn more online from a reputable online training business (Option 3 below). Get the first month FREE.

Option 2: You can download the webinar are and listen to it in your own time.

Digital Kickstart session will cover:

  • help you identify your target market
  • review your current online presence
  • help you understand the digital media tools that would benefit your business
  • provide you with a summary of the session notes
  • provide you with an action plan from the session discussion.

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Client Testimonial for Digital Kickstart

Sue: On yer bike

Option 3: Earn while you learn with a reputable online training site

Recommended: #1 Internet Marketing Training Site

Digital Business LoungeName: The Six Figure Mentors
Website URL: thesixfigurementors.com
My Rank: #1 Online
Quality of Training: 9/10
Quality of Tools: 9/10
Cost for Quality: 10/10
Personal Support: 10/10
Overall Value: 10/10

Our personal opinion: After logging in for the first time to The Six Figure Mentors, we were convinced that the price we paid for membership was far less than the actual value of the service The SFM had to offer.

This place was unreal…we almost thought we was dreaming. It included more training than any other course I have ever come across. It included tools that people are paying several $100/month for alone. These include website building tools, graphic creators, ecover creators, viral report generators and a whole lot more to help you get off to a fast start. It also included services I was used to paying for like Web Hosting. And it included something I had never been exposed to…

Personal Support From the Actual Owners And Other Successful Members!

So, before you waste another minute searching for a solution to make money by having an online presence,  go on to check out the website for yourself. We can tell you that everything they say they offer on their website, they actually DO OFFER! It can throw you off because it seems like no company could offer so much for so little, but believe me it is real. Try it for 30 days for free.

Marketing your business online-FREE 7 day video series- Earn while you learn

Get started now and sign up for the FREE 7 day video series to find out about the Digital Experts Academy.

Completely self paced and online, you can learn any time and anywhere. Try this learning platform for free for 30 days.