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Business Coaching

Digital Inrapreneur

The Digital Intrapreneur consultation : Finding out the why!

The Digital Intrapreneur consultation  is a one-hour consultation by way of zoom with Andrew.

If you wish to have consultation click on this link.

The purpose of the consultation is to clarify the why you are in business in particularly:

  1. The client’s vision
  2. The client’s mission
  3. What is motivating the client

By the end of this session the client will either be signed posted to complete more research or progress to the business planning stage.

The prerequisite for this consultation is that the client has completed the following questions and submitted them to anywhere business network:

  1. Business planning questionnaire: http://tidyurl.com/BizPlanQuest
  2. Personal planning questionnaire : http://tidyurl.com/personalgoals

Note  that the questionnaires are comprehensive and you might wish to complete them prior to booking the consultation.

The Tax Man Limited  advises its customers that it can provide business coaching services as well as existing services. This will help you to grow your business and stay profitable.

The Taxman Limited has partnered with other providers under the business name Anywhere Business Network to provide:

Business coaching. Andrew provides coaching on:

Contact Andrew  andrew@anywherebusinessnetwork.co.nz