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I am in business. There are highs and lows, things I can control and things you can’t, as well as lots of what if moments! Planning my daily routine helps, however, there are still those moments when my confidence fails, and self-doubt arises. I consider myself to be brave being in business, I am the architect of your own destiny, and of course, I benefit immensely from the decisions I make. My secret to that courage is to let go to my higher power, my soul, my self-confidence and those feelings deep inside. Some may describe this as letting go to love, not the physical act, but that persona that dwells in us all the time that is waiting to be acknowledged.  Confidence building means leaving myself open to success and opening myself up by taking a chance, a calculated chance, however, there are still elements of risk.

Letting go in an immersion of love generates those feelings of passion for the task at hand.

Trusting in your abilities combined with collaboration with mentors and learning the elements of what makes a success is all part of the process. The biggest part is still that leap of faith and ensuring feelings of joy and happiness are the mainstay of the journey.

Faith Serenity

The key to serenity

In one statement, I have learned from experience is, trust your feelings, if it does not feel right it is not yet the time to do it. Further collaboration and learning may be required.

I did not get to this point in my life without the acknowledgment of soul. I did this through meditation, the power of balancing mind body and soul and getting in touch with that balance of the divine feminine and the wise masculine. It takes ongoing real work on my part as well as guidance and faith. I have found this to be my motivator in the darkest hours.


This is what my faith is!


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