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Simple Yet Complex

Collaboration with another takes trust. It is a meeting of minds clear about boundaries yet at the same time understanding of the back stories which shape our daily lives. The deepest of understandings get’s the greatest results in that there is equality in the effort towards a common objective. There is little hidden as ego has been parked and that deep understanding allows one or other to concentrate on the other things that life has. The business goal is secondary to the feelings of joy and happiness that are self-evident to a fulfilling life. While there are deadlines there is inherent flexibility that goes with the deep understanding. While contributions are not always forthcoming the thinking and strategies take time to hone and tune as the business develops and then fine tunes it’s self into a well-oiled machine.

Patience perseverance and persistence are the mantras of the collaborative effort. In the end, it is quality over quantity with the underlying principle of excellence of effort. There is no need for constant praise as the understanding is enduring and has risen above that need. “I hope” is replaced with “We know”. Success is measured in feelings and results naturally occur.

Simple Collaboration

An awakening to the possibilities has happened and abundance of feeling alive. That is what collaboration can be!

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