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Busy Busy Busy

How many time have I told myself this in the past? I am too busy. Concentration levels are high the task that I am dealing with requires it. I drop that half-finished task and deal with crisis’s as they develop. The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, the firefighter! Days turn into a week and weeks turn into months! Then all of a sudden I am sick. My body shuts me down for an enforced rest. I soldier on and the sickness gets worse!



My mind body and soul are out of balance! My mind took over going on to autopilot. My nutrition suffered as the mind wanted caffeine, sugar and fast food for that instant hit! My mind was at a million miles an hour! The body responded by shutting down the mind with sickness! The soul looked on forlorn as mind and body were ignoring it!

The Fix

Meditation slowing down the mind, stopping that monkey mind on autopilot being in charge. Slowly breathing in breathing out letting go of what was past and letting thoughts that come into the mind wash away. Breath in breath out slowing that pace down. Reclaiming the power of my inner self.

Yoga slowly doing the asanas opening the energy points releasing the tensions. Following that vinyasa flow dealing with the issues as they come up.


Nutrition is required dealing with the deficiencies of my diet. More Vit C and D magnesium for the heart and B group vitamins for the mind. Less processed food green tea instead of caffeine. Cultivation of bliss!

The meditation cultivates feelings of well being the soul has joined the family with the mind and body, back in balance!

Calmness at work develops, no more firefights, just serenity!



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