Mindset, Learning, Collaboration


The Handshake or hug and the 21st Century

When I started in business I met with prospective and new clients got to know them and collectively we decided to collaborate with each other. This is a lot of trust in my core business which I pride with honesty. I shake the guy’s hand or hugged the lady and our collaboration was sealed. I knew their business and they knew mine. These days of the 21st century I am increasing not seeing the clients and have developed means of getting that handshake. I ask a lot more questions not because I am noisy but because I need to know my customer in the terms of legislation as well as peace of mind. I have secure portals for documents and records, electronic signatures, identity standards as well as 2-factor identification available. This creates problems initially for clients in two areas:

  • The cost… All of this costs they see me ramping up fees just to make more money this breeds contempt
  • Knowledge gaps The client has a mindset block to adopting these technologies and pushes back against change

The Cost

AS the transition to a hybrid cloud server business in conjunction with my collaboration with Microsoft, MYOB, and local IT at Work allows me offsite back up as well as up to date software for secure communication and storage. Multiple backups and redundancy allow me to offer the services of my competitors while still being in business. Without it the tech back office I would not be able to operate with the constant change. This comes at a cost. I have to let go of clients who do not see this as necessary as it is now the way to do business.


Knowledge Gaps

I am a patient guy who has coached thousands of people over the years. In 99.9% of the cases, there is a solution to there training. Initial blocks are related to their mindset. The clients I have found don’t like change.  Change management is slowly giving them the right information at the right time. I have to be aware that some do not take in lots of information  The client has a cycle of learning and it may take in a couple of years to get them there but eventually I do. I try and standardize the training however it is not unknown for me to bespoke solutions.


Above my screen in my office is a framed statement:

Just for Today, I will

Not Worry

Not be angry

Do my work honestly

Give thanks for my many blessings

Be kind to every living thing


When dealing with people I recognize them as people. While the hugs and handshakes sometimes aren’t there enough these days I still appreciate my clients exactly the same way there were when I first collaborated with them. That hasn’t changed only the delivery.


As I develop the business advisory services of Anywhere Business Network Ltd I am carrying thru the traditions of The Tax Man Limited. I truly believe that the digital skills that are on offer thru the collaborative partners that the new company has will make businesses shine in the 21st century.


Onward and upward!



Half of the Anywhere Business Network