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Insatiable Need For Yang


Controlling the yang and keeping it in check is important! Having balance in my daily life is a must.

I see many driven people come into my life they show aggressiveness in the pursuit of their goals. Their goal is their chief motivation however in that pursuit they manifest health and relationship issues. The goal blanks out each day as they move forward. When the goal has reached the feeling is a bit like an anti-climax.

Definition of yang

the masculine active principle in nature that in Chinese cosmology is exhibited in light, heat, or dryness and that combines with yin to produce all that comes to be


To take it further ego tends to drive Yang. It is something of the mind. When ego takes over the mind goes out of balance with the body and soul. Feelings and emotions are parked.

The body being full of energy is just as important as the mind. Yin while being in constant contact with the mind tends to manifest its self in feelings.

Definition of yin

The feminine passive principle in nature that in Chinese cosmology is exhibited in darkness, cold, or wetness and that combines with yang to produce all that comes to be


As you can see being driven my Yin could be described as being left in a cold wet mess!

The importance of what I am saying here is to remain in balance give equal balance to the mind and body. Allow joy and happiness to you in your day and the positive feelings of well being by exercise and good nutrition. Listen and act with relationships. Set time aside to appreciate your surroundings. Laugh smile and cry. By all means, pursue goals but enjoy the journey!


The cement of Yin and Yang is the soul. Being in touch with your inner being/ higher power is a good start to balance. It is all about mindset!



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