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Everyone has there the moment. That moment when everything clicks. You feel the warmth of emotion rise thru the body and have a handle on that warmth. You feel good and the energy is powerful. Congratulations you are in touch with your higher power. You are present. You could cherish the moment. Remember what set it off. This is your happy place where it all makes sense. A smile has come across your face. You are at peace. All your kindness compassion and generosity are there! How did you get there again? You were in touch with your higher power. Your love and that is your soul! Your mind body and soul are working in unison for once. No one did this too you, you did it all by yourself!


Fostering energy from emotions is nothing new, it gives you the energy to carry on thru the day. Setting aside that time for that happy place is important. That here and now moment when the mind is not racing and your body is still. When you feel the stress build and the world is getting out of control, just remember you can get in touch with your soul at any time!

Take a look at your mindset? Are you ready for your moment?


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