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It’s not about me

Leadership is instilling the belief in someone that they can do it. It is not about taking control and dictating to people what they shouldn’t do. We are all big enough to make up our own minds, and a good leader is supportive of your needs and offers empathy, listening skills, and opinion when asked. A good leader encourages your self-confidence and goes thru your choices of action towards your journey. A good leader does not offer threats, intimidation or ridicule.  A good leader uses right speech to motivate and steer on your chosen path. Take yoga for example. A good leader will allow you to focus on what you want. There are no comparisons as it is just you and the yoga. The changes you make to your daily practice are based on your incremental improvement and the leader leads by example.

In the end, it boils down to being supportive, being trusted as well as being honest!


It is the same in business. You seek mentors to support you. They don’t take over they over advise. The offer leadership and are supportive. They don’t ridicule but offer alternatives to your course of action. They add value to your decisions. That is why I have mentors and it is especially important to me as those mentors are also teachers and coaches for me in that big digital world. In another blog, I have discussed this and if you are reading our blog for the first time you might want to look up that link.


My growth by listening to leaders has been outstanding. My collaborators are also leaders, my peers are also leaders and my friends are also leaders. You just have to pick up on those traits of leadership too!


I have concluded that I lead too just by writing these blogs!



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