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I am continuing to be share with you from the Tips on Time Management series from people who have experience working from home.


“Make sure you maximise on the benefits of working from home by scheduling in some of these little gems into your daily time frame:
– 30 min exercise (e.g. walk the dog or do some in house yoga )
– read one chapter of your current fave book from the comfort of your armchair
– 10 min sun bathe in your garden
– 15 min meditation

And most of all, start using positive language when talking about your time management and your work. Use words that express abundance rather than lack like “I don’t have enough time for this … or I can’t fit it all in”…
Instead learn to say e.g. “My time schedule for this week is running at capacity.”

Angelika Barnes / Life Coach/ Nelson, New Zealand

Website: www.angelikabarnes.com

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Angelika is passionate about communication and bringing out the best in people. “There is nothing more rewarding for her than seeing people becoming more energised and happy, because they have taken on board new techniques to get themselves there.”


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