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Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

When you are working the number one feeling is having a positive attitude.

Take yesterday, for example, a friend told me he would help re-roof the garage six months ago and arrived at 9.00am. I jumped at the opportunity and then spent the next eight hours stripping and putting on new iron. I got blisters on my hands and cut my fingers. It was a glorious situation when the weather forecast on the radio expected thunder and lightning later on in the day and we sped up work. I loved doing the work. We completed it and I then obtained the necessary supplies required when a friend puts in an effort and for the next hour sat admiring the work from the shelter of the porch as the heavens came down. I could feel my body in all sorts of places the yoga I do does not go. When I bid my farewells I drew a hot bath and scrubbed the rust and grim off, dried my self off and felt like a million bucks. I felt satisfied.

My attitude got me thru.


If you carry a positive attitude with love and passion for what you are doing it helps!




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Motivation Passion Love

What is your Motivation?

Motivation can take many forms. The best motivation I have found is one where I have feelings. Negative emotions make me make mistakes and I end up with costly rework when I am fired up with a passion for something I love my productivity goes thru the roof! So it was a no-brainer for me to pursue my passions and deal with the negative by acceptance or outsourcing! I also started to chip away at the negative by changing my mindset, allowing the diversity of opinion and using meditation to reinforce the acceptance of things that spurred negative emotion. I also used time management to get the daily routine into one where I was in control of my emotions.
owed me to be fired up

  • That allowed the love!

  • That allowed the passion!

  • That all and perform!

What are you doing to fire that passion 365 days a year? Motivation is required!



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Beat the Sunday night blues- kickstart your working week

Take a look at these great spaces that I found on Houzz, and let me know what you think.

Mondayitis is real, but there are ways to turn things around – what you do on Sunday can impact the whole week ahead

11 February 2018
Houzz editorial team. Photojournalist specialising in design, travel and living well….
As the weekend draws to a close and Monday looms ever closer, it’s time to step up and take action. Not over-the-top exhausting action; gentle action that will ease the dread of Sunday night and sweeten the start to your week. Who knows – adopt a few of these simple habits and Monday morning might start to look a whole lot brighter. Dare I say you may even begin to look forward to the start of the working week?

Are you really working by yourself when you work for yourself?

I have been doing a lot of Facebook live posts about gathering a team around you when you work for yourself because its important you dont see working for yourself as working alone. Why is this important?

If you have come from a team based environment it can be hard to get used to working by yourself. There doesnt seem to be anyone to bounce ideas around with, no one to ask when you get stuck on that computer program or task you know someone else helped you out with, no one to have a coffee with or catch up on the weekend sport with. This is not the same as missing working for someone else. Its about loving the energy of working in a team.

Advice on money

It is possible to work in a team when you work for yourself. It involves gathering around you people who help you do what you do. Your accountant helps with the finances so it make sense that you seek advice and discuss ideas with your accountant around how you should spend or risk your money. Some accountants are very skilled business coaches too. They can help with business plans and financial coaching. If yours isnt helpful you need to find one who is. (Andrew is great if you need one info@anywherebusinessnetwork.co.nz)


Maybe you have a friend or aquantance you have admired for their head for business. How about asking them to be a sounding board for you. You could approach you local business chamber or business development group to see if they have business mentors.

Business partner

Having a business partner often makes good sense. You each should have strenghts the other values and have the abiltiy to share the work load and contribute to the business financially. Hey presto, you now have a person to share ideas, money, learning… everything.

Online business community

There are lots of great online learning forums that you a great community of people doing and learning just like you. Find one and start talking to people. When you get personal and share you will find lots of people come out of the woodwork and give.

Let me know if this has helped you.

Kerri Bainbridge

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Mindful Business

Is your Business Responsible?

Five Pillars of a Mindful Business

Five pillars of mindful business

It is great to have a business but having a mindful business appeals to more people than just a single focus on sales. The world can only be sustainable if you work with the world, and not against it. What will your great grandchildren think about the legacy you leave them?

  1. Environment

Look at your waste and energy footprints.

  1. Community Involvement and Development

Are you volunteering and being active.

  1. Diversity and inclusion

Are you equal in your outlook in the diversity of belief and abilities?

  1. Wellbeing

Are you promoting health and exercise of the mind, body, and soul?

  1. Operating Practices

Are morality and ethics socially acceptable?


Ultimately this is the responsible business! Are you planning to change?


I have always worked from home and have to mindful of energy, family life, breaks, the inclusion of all beliefs and abilities. I live in a very special place which wants its area preserved. I volunteer for community activities and participate to support the community. I consider my scorecard to always be a work in progress.

What does your scorecard look like?


Andrew Elphick

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What is your footprint like?


I spent a couple of hours after Topical cyclone Fehi cleaning up a beach area in my hometown of Greymouth after sea erosion had reopened a dump closed 25 years ago. The rubbished consisted of Styrofoam and plastic shopping bags. Now the smell was still pungent I got my gloves on and  picked up my share of 5 large bags. Now I really understand that plastic just does not go away. These days a lot of plastic is recycled, but then a lot isn’t! In New Zealand, 69% is recycled and that leaves the other 31% for a legacy for our great-grandchildren. A way to reduce this is to eliminate plastic bags in your life! Buy some jute bags to take to the supermarket, insist on paper/cardboard coffee cups, even better drink out of China! It is not only plastic but the way we do business! When is the last time you cycled or walked to an appointment? I am lucky that on the West Coast of New Zealand 100% of our power comes from renewable energy, however if your energy comes from carbon sources start thinking about turning things off! In the end what legacy do you want to leave? Remember working from home in a digital environment cuts down on your energy use immensely!



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My other office

My other office

The other office is required from time to time. Even in a digital business you still need face to face contact. I live in a remote part of the world where nature still rules supreme. The 1000-year-old trees have witnessed many things. In living here one has to be present and fully aware on the journey, as many surprising things can put up in more ways than one.

So I needed to assist a client in Franz Josef Glacier village with their accounting system and be at a book launch with an author client in Fox Glacier so my office hit the road. I experienced a range of emotions on the journey but focussed on being present, experiencing the joy of driving and the sites that were evident.

In the end, the personal contact for an hour or so cements the digital contact for the rest of the year in the meeting of minds that takes place. I saw the emotions of the book launch and the brisk sales as well as the dignitaries speeches while at the same time being in one of the most beautiful places in the world.



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Time to change


Time is at a premium in all our lives, however, time management can produce time for you! The tools that are available today to work and earn money are amazing. Automation of sales funnels and virtual assistants can allow you to focus on driving your business to the next level by producing content that your tribe is interested in! There are some amazing loving people out around the world who can mentor and assist you gain that edge by seeing and learning the use of those tools! Would it not be great to be able to have that time to ground yourself on that beach, feeling the sand between your feet? With the right tools making the time to do that is achievable!

The net result is cultivating joy in your day and when you have that it will assist in rekindling the passion in your business!

Do you want to no more about how those tools work? Sign up for a 30 trial!


Andrew Elphick

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Mindset Reset

Mindset Reset

We all know how business can be stressful.

Stress can manifest itself in a short temper, fear, lack of creativity and can lead to health problems. One of the tools against stress it meditation. A simple technique that I have learned is to find a quiet place without distraction and count 21 breaths, don’t focus on how you are breathing just the breaths. If things come in your thoughts just acknowledge them and let them go. You are aiming at nothing except the breath count. What you are doing is slowing the racing brain, the monkey brain which is full of chatter. If you haven’t got there by 21 breaths, try it in further groups of 7 breaths. Once there just breath. Once you are relaxed, start to think of the things that really matter in your life and business. Focus your meditation on those real problems and develop a way forward. In this way, you are being positive while counting stress. There have been thousands of studies about the benefits of meditation perhaps these techniques will help you!

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The Hear and Now

We all at some time, look towards the future and have a moment of imagination and creativity as towards how we would like to feel in say 5 years time. I know that the new year is a time for reflation in my life. This is great provided we take stock of the here and now, the present! In my daily routine, I listen to what is around me and try and feel and my make sense of my feelings. I know that when I am laughing and smiling that I am enjoying what I am doing. I know also the signs of fear, that increasing heart rate and shortening of the breath! Specifically increasing the joyful aspects and minimizing the periods of fear has become a hallmark of my life. Yoga meditation and contemplation are part of my routine and allow me to focus on the important issues. Focus can overcome blocks to my learning and interaction with others. It also allows me to be driven by passion. Mapping out the day and undertaking tasks that will move me forward are the focus. I know when I am on the right track when I smile, laugh and feel the warmness dwell up through my spine and envelope my body! This all comes back down to that daily routine that is focused to maximize the opportunities! When I apply those lessons to business this allows me to get the tasks done in a fashion to move forward!

In summary, laying the groundwork for focussed daily routines might get you towards that 5-year objective by staying present in the here and now!’

Andrew Elphick

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Do you have all the skills or can you outsource them?

Need help running your business?

When you are running a small operation sometimes you need to learn about different tasks and you think that you can’t afford them! This results in missing marketing opportunities as you are limited in what you know. Mentoring, peer support, outsourcing and collaboration can minimise risk those lost opportunities because you get the advice and support you need.  Joining online forums and taking part in online learning should not be under-estimated because there are lots of people out there like you seeking answers and lots of people who have the answers. Ask, seek, learn, collaborate.

Planning your day to include networking and learning can make all the difference to your success.

Ask yourself what does your day look like? Today is a good day to start making room for your future success!


6 months ago I did not have a clue that you could buy an image like this over the internet for $USD5.00. I did not know!!! Using a platform that specialises in online learning of digital skills taught me about! 

Do you want your own brand and logo and more? Fivver.com can fix you up with these in in 24-48 hours and even less!!!!!

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Remember yourself

Look After yourself

February is a month of love!

The passion between two people is a powerful force! An even more important force is that love reserved for yourself! Without that love for yourself, we are sometimes lost in the power of other emotions and that feeling can be very draining! It is best sometimes to reserve some me time to get back in balance, to re-feel the passion for yourself and in turn, others see that passion. Without that time, we become an existence! Passion takes many forms but sometimes it is as simple as a change in mindset. An example of the types of exercises that you could nurture are affirmations, exercise, and self-care by way of yoga and massage! These simple things start back that desire and hence our external outlook! For more tips on mindset, follow the link!

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Social Influencer?

Social Influencing

Who would have thought that increases in luxury watch sales and being brought about by the social influences of Instagram and other social media? The 21st century so far has been one of charge. The digital space is bringing more and more income earning possibilities. Rather than get be left behind learning the skills is a must if you want to take part in this “new” economy. In the book, “Jab Jab Jab Right hook” the content marketing strategy of social media is explained. Developing relationships is important to gain the trust or rather that meeting of minds that user sees in your content. This in itself explains the new vocation of social influencer!

We can help with digital learning and we have a one month offer of the digital learning systems that we have both used that will benefit you!

Andrew Elphick
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Retirement : the new life stage

It is becoming clear to me that now I am 50 my idea of retirement is changing. Its not just me though. It seems we are living longer and feeling healthier so the idea of retiring when we are 65 seems a little premature.

The old road maps we used to plan our lives are out of date. Life is becoming re-imagined. We observed our parents and noted the pathways they took at different life stages. It all seemed scripted. Predictable even. You spend roughly 20 years getting an education and training, roughly 40 years of family and work, and then ……the golden years. The carrot on a stick for all the hard work. Retirement.

A career was to be for life, so we were lead to believe. You remember the concept of long-service leave, retirement gratuities and superannuation don’t you. They seem long gone now. Replaced with ….. nothing.

Some people recognised there was another way to do work early on and began taking charge of their work lives and changed employers and even occupations from time to time, seeking new challenges.

Then in the 1980s along came a new phenomenon-restructuring (downsizing- call it what you like). This shocked a few people and they found themselves without jobs, or in jobs they were reassigned to (not always by choice). It was not what they had planned or expected. Loyal long-serving workers were being tossed aside, having to apply for jobs with no experience in writing CVs and cover letters, job searching or being interviewed. Some retrained and changed careers, others took lower-paying roles, or exited the workforce altogether. As time moved on and organisational change became a regular feature of the work environment, many older workers found it increasingly hard to retain jobs or gain a new position post-redundancy.

Somehow, despite all the changes in the world over the last 40 years, retirement has remained the dreamed-for destination, the reward for 40 years hard work, something to hang on for. But things are changing fast and the very concept of retirement is being redefined.

But the landscape in our own lives has changed.  Many people are staying on at work well beyond the traditional exit points. We are healthy and want to continue to contribute through work. Why shouldn’t we? Sadly, there are also many mature-aged people who aren’t in work but would like to be. They are facing an enforced and premature retirement.

The statistics reinforce things: Life expectancy has increased from 58 ys in the 20th century to 80 in the 21st century. It is projected that by 2050 the average life expenctancy will be more like 85. If you haven’t reached 60 yet, just think, when you achieve that milestone you could still have  another 25-30 years of productive life ahead of you. Work could well be part of that. At 60 you may have only lived 2/3s of your life.

The potential to live a longer and healthier life has thus created new opportunities and challenges for people in their 50s and 60s. It has created a new life stage. Very little in our upbringing has prepared us for this new life stage. We are largely in unchartered territory, so how will we to navigate it?

It will be the life skills we have acquired, how we think about ourselves and what we think about the world around us that will give us a frame of reference for the way forward. In addition to our good health (if you have made that investment) we will need to be resilient, flexible and adaptable, because this will determine the quality of your life in this new life stage. The final frontier. Unchartered territory.

The question for you is: will this life stage be how you imagined it?

I enjoy travelling and have learnt that anticipation and planning are important. I first research about my destination, I talk to others who have been there and I dream about it.  The anticipation of what I will do, the weather, what I will see, eat and the places I want to go are rehearsed in my mind. But is not till I get there that I find out if it is anything like I imagined. Maybe things are like what imagined, maybe there are more choices when I get there than I thought, maybe it is not what I thought at all. If I am going to have a good time I will need to resilient, adaptable and flexible. Life has a way of throwing up curve balls but it also could be better than I imagined.

This last life stage could well be like this too. You can choose to stay close to what you know, remain safe and not engage with your imagination, or you could imagine the possibilities, anticipate and dream about what life after 50 could be like for you.

Will it be exactly like you imagined? Probably not. When you get there, circumstances are likely to be different. Life does from time to time throw a few curve balls at you. You cannot always anticipate these.

Victor Frankl, endured 3 years in a Nazi concentration camp and wrote a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. He chronicles his time in the concentration camps and attempts to make sense of his and others experiences. He concluded that the way in which we imagine the future affects our longevity and that meaning in life is to be found in every moment of living. That life never ceases to have meaning, even in suffering, and death. So, as you contemplate the next stage of our lives we must draw meaning and purpose from it.

Let me summarise. We are living longer and healthier lives. We are working longer because we feel healthier and are looking to find meaning and purpose.

As you contemplate the next stage of life, the key will be in discovering you ‘why’, or reason to live. This may mean a challenging shift from a life preoccupied with what you do, your role and position, to discovering a purpose, cause or belief that inspires you. I admit this can be a major challenge if we have largely defined our identity through what we do.

Its not over at 65: start creating your future

The shape and meaning of this new life stage beyond 50 is changing in ways we don’t yet fully understand. What we do know that we are redefining what it means to age and are doing this life stage differently to the previous generation. It is certainly different from the way my parents have done things. If you are like me, in your 50s, you are seeing a new norm unfolding. It is fast becoming the new normal.

Dare to dream.

Create your future in this new life stage.

Kerri Bainbridge

One half of the Anywhere Team NZ


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What drives you? What holds you back?

A recent study in New Zealand of 700 businesses conducted by “The Ice House” asked what motivates their business drive:

  • 25% Passion
  • 20% Customer Satisfaction
  • 20% Making a name for themselves
  • 12% Achieving Goals
  • 18% Family
  • 7% Financial Success


The same survey also looked at what was holding business owners back:

  • 36% Lack of finance
  • 21% Themselves
  • 20% Time Management
  • 12% Staff
  • 6% Customer Growth
  • 4% Market Environment

When you look at the results some wise courses of action could result:

Passion, making a name for themselves, and customer satisfaction motivations revolve around customer perception of the business. The needs of the customer are being fulfilled and the customers are telling the business that. The business operates without hassles, the staff are all on the same page and what the business wants and can provide is clearly communicated. When you combine the traits that are holding back business you find that:

1.       The need more money

2.       They lack confidence in themselves

3.       They are not focussed on the use of there time

The gem is that only 12% are driven by goals! I would see this as a perception of goals being a series of financial goals not measurements of passion, customer satisfaction and brand recognition/buy-in from customers and staff!

What if these businesses sat back and at least reviewed their planning and even had a fresh look at where they were heading? They know they are being held back by certain factors! Why not do something about it! We can help at least by getting the business to start to think about planning.

Have a look and complete the business and personal plan surveys. The surveys themselves are free!

 Andrew Ephick 

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Feedback is appreciated!

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Working from home tools

Working from home- goals and plans

If you are going to truely benefit from being in business for yourself and working from home you need to have a plan and set yourself some goals. Working from home should be taken as seriously as working for an employer. The only person you are accountable to is yourself and you need to take that seriously.

Click the link through to the blog on my website and find out how to do this. Let me know what you think.

Kerri Bainbridge

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What does it take to be a successful importer?

Can anyone import products and be successful?

As you can see in the video I made a leisurely 400-kilometer trip through the most picturesque part of New Zealand my home country. Before I left I spent 3.5 hours in training learning digital skills.  In order to perform well in today’s society a person in business must acquire digital skills. My Trip took me from Greymouth mid-west coast to Motueka in the heart of the Tasman district. I could not help noticing the parallels in our two provisional towns and the next day in Nelson. That is the large numbers of retail shops that were vacant. The names on the shoes indicated clothing, shoes, gift shops, booksellers, specialty shops, food and beverage shops once stood there. I can see that drink driving laws have taken a heavy toll on food and beverage sales but I had to find other reasons for the other types of retail.

Direct imports of foreign goods are increasing at an ever increasing rate. Just click on the two links below and find out how much things cost by direct import by you the consumer! Retail trade by consumers in New Zealand is largely conducted in this way! I see also that food and beverage are affected by digital disruption. Consumer decisions are frequently conducted online before a person goes out and decisions on consumption are already made before people get to the restaurant or café!

Ali Express                                           Reading List For Sale

What is needed is for business people learn the digital skills to get the businesses online to harness the online market. People who are successfully selling online have digital skills. Its not easy. You need to learn specific marketing skills and to understand how to reach the market you are aiming for. So what does it take?

We can help… signup, click the links on this page or at least go to our website to commence the process! Remember you can follow us on facebook too!

Andrew Elphick

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What are the cost drivers of your business?


When you are in business you can only operate if you have sufficient money to pay for the goods and services that you need to produce goods and services. If you put money into your business make it count! Ask yourself in spending that money what will be the outcomes.

Spending can be classified in other ways:

  1. Short term spending … 1 month and its gone

These are items you need to operate. Examples include telecommunication costs, hosting plans, the costs of where you are conducting business. They can vary with the size of the business you operate. Advertising campaigns. Products

  1. Medium term spending… 12 months and its gone

This may include items such as subscriptions to services you need such as aweber, zoom, learning systems, accounting products, cellphones, computers, networking, services!

  1. Long term spending …. What you spend you always have

Mindset, the brand, website (you will still have to maintain it as a short term cost), knowledge.

Spending behaves in different ways to:

  1. It is fixed and may not always reoccur

This may include Incorporation costs, registering intellectual property, finance application fees, business planning fees.

  1. It is fixed but stepped with the size of operations

This may include telecommunications, hosting plans, website, learning systems, loan repayments. It is variable and depends on sales. This may include outsourcing graphics, copy writers, costs of social media campaigns.

The above lists are not exhaustive but my point is to determine what the costs are and plan out how they will behave when you are planning your business!

Andrew Elphick

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The idea of “work” is changing

The idea of “work” is changing

Then next generation are shaping the nature of work and it is not as you know it.

If you think back 10, 20, 30 years and remember what you work life was like you’d have to agree that the way you do work is different. Not only that you probably thought about work differently then because your priorities were different.

30 years ago I was starting my first job. I was sold a job that would last me my life if I wanted it. I had to decide if I wanted to work there a long time and think about all the opportunities that employer would give me. I didnt think about what I would give them. I was looking for a career and money. In those days I worked for a bank. I saw centralisation then decentalisation, restructuring, take overs by other banks and finally I took redundancy and went overseas.

I changed careers and fought my way into a new job in a new city accross the ditch. I gained heaps of experience but I didnt have kids and I had a good income so I wasnt thinking beyond starting a family. After my family I was faced with another career change to work around my growing family. I didnt want to work full time anymore but employers dont get it. They dont have structures for working parents….I know there are some companies that do but I didnt work there. I couldnt understand why more companies didnt see the value I had to offer….just part time. I had to change again.

My definition of work has changed over the years and I am sure yours has too. Like me you may have changed jobs and careers many times already. Well I hate to tell you this but the idea of what work is and how it is presented is changing all the time. The sooner you get your head round it the better.

What did I do? I opened up a business working for myself. I now have 3 businesses, all working from home and the first biggest thing that I had to get used to was budgeting. These days I still hate the numbers stuff so I leave it to my accountant most of the time. I love being social though so I have upskilled on my social media marketing skills. I am reaching more people than ever before and learning and collaborating with poeple to change the way I work all the time. It takes work on your mindset too in order to roll with the punches. Be flexible and learn to keep ahead of the game. What is it you really want to do? Maybe it is time you called the shots and ran your own business? Running your own business could be offering a service. Packaging your skills up and selling them to businesses on contract. Maybe you have a hobby you want to start making money from.

Sounds like you need to change your mindset, find out more about what is possible and seek some advice or join a community to see what others are doing.

Need help?

We specialise in helping businesses succeed. Check out all the great blogs we have written. Check out our website www.anywherebusines.co.nz and see who we are and how we can help you. Heaps of free stuff.

Kerri Bainbridge

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