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Do you have something you remind yourself of everyday? My business partner has a saying above his desk. Is says:

Just for Today:
I will not worry, I will not be angry, I will do my work honestly, I will give thnaks for my many blessings I will be kind to every living thing

He reminds himself of this everyday. Its’ an affirmation. I have listened to lots of Tony Robibns cds and he uses affirmations.

“Everyday in every way my life gets better and better”

-is one of them. He says you can subsitute the “my life” bit with anything really. Like my health, my attitude, my fitness, my body, my money.

I came accross an article on this article you might like to read by Alexa Brett https://alexabrett.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/do-you-have-a-mantra/

She says “It is believed that the action of repeating the sounds, or sentences, over and over again helps the nervous system regulate. If the phrase has a personal meaning it may also have a stronger psychological impact because it can be used to reinforce a belief..”

I have used affirmations for a long time now. I am always amazed at how it works. I find it helps me to focus on what I want in a positvie way by making a positive statement about what I want in my life or what I want more of.

How can you use it with your business?

Easy, what doy you want? Every day I make a sale. Every day I receive great feedback. I am a successful ……. (whatever you are), I have fun every day, I am financially successful and enjoy being able to pay for everything I need to, I recieve cheques/money daily, I am so grateful that I am well paid and that I am appreciated..

How do you make these affirmations up?

Use positive words like grateful, great, I am statements are good. I know its hard to make a statement like I am financially successful when you are not. But you can start by saying –I am looking forward to the day I am financially successful, I am making decisions today that are garanteeing my financial success, I know that finanical success is important to my future and I am making positive steps to ensure this happens soon, I see the evidence of money coming into my account regularly and I this gets bigger and bigger. 

If you want to have a healthier body you could say things like: Every day my body gets slimmer because I make healthy choices and get regular exercise. Soon you will be looking at food differently and fining opportunities to get regular exercise.

Have good things happened to me because of these affirmations I use?

Absolutely, I find the best statements I make are the ones where I have the most trouble believing. I focus on areas where I still hold on to negative beliefs. These positive statements then replace these old negative beliefs to remind me I am not limited by what is sometimes my reality.

I would love to hear some of your affirmations.

Kerri Bainbridge

One half of the Anywhere Team NZ

Mindset, Collaboration, Learning