Mindset, Learning, Collaboration

You would be amazed at how much you know and that somewhere someone wants to know what you know. If you haven’t taken the time to identify all the things you are good at then I urge you to do it now. Here’s something I know about myself:

I am good at drawing out of poeple what they need. I am a good listener and love to hook people up with information so they can get what they want. I don’t always just hand them the answer. I make suggestions and give them direction.

In my work as an Educational Kinesiologist I take people through a series of movements to work out what is blocking them from getting what they want. The body has amazing biofeedback through the muscles (called muscle checking) and this is accurate if you know how to do it right. By doing this muscle checking I can help them make mental and physical adjustments which when rechecked show that a change is what is needed and where it is needed. Cool aye! I use my skill to make money.

I get the word out about my skills through word of mouth, Facebook and email. I have spent time researching (learning) how to market my business and turn what I love to do into a business.

What are you good at? How can you use that to make money?

Its not always easy to belive in yourself but with the right support you can make a mental shift (minsset) and you can be very successful. I surround myself with people who will support my learning and mindset (collaboration). I belong to an online community of people who are all learning to promote themselves and be successful. We have awesome mentors and their energy helps keep me going. I am not standing still. I am moving, learning and collaborating.

What do you need to be successful?

Join us today.

Kerri Bainbridge

One half of the Anywhere Team NZ

Learning, Mindset, Collaboration