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Why I Blog

I blog because I believe passionately in the content that we put out!

The tagline of the business is mindset collaboration and learning and this has been canvassed in each the blogs that Kerri and I have authored! Our website has access to books, learning systems, contact and snippets from social media. The over 1000 videos on Instagram also are there to support that tagline. I believe that we have helped and assisted people by inspiring them to action. I know that my own digital skills have exploded out of sight because I carried out the daily routine of the creation of the posts and content. Specifically;

  1. MY HTML skills and SEO writing are 1000% better now than when I started
  2. My mindset has changed where I am a lot more mindful of balancing my mind body and spiritual needs
  3. The creation, editing, packaging, and placement of anything up to 17 track video is a new skill.
  4. My awareness of the big wide world out there means I am communicating daily with people here and on the other side of the world as well as forming real friendships
  5. My own business has morphed from just coasting along to a cloud business with systems in place that allow me to have a far greater choice.
  6. My mentors are and can be anyone I choose and not be limited to those just in my community, some of whom have a severely limited mindset and outlook to the world.


So over the years while I have been on this journey I have received lots of feedback. People generally like the content and it rings a bell with them. I have shared the secret many times!


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