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Are you prepared for the unexpected? Earthquake!

Cloud storage

photo by Business Newsworthy Daily.com

Would you be prepared if your business was interrupted by an unexpected event like an earthquake?

Today New Zealand was rocked by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and I was digitally ready as all my files are backed up on dropbox. My business partner on the other hand uses an outsourced offsite data storage service. We have the capacity to operate from anywhere.

Ask yourself the following 5 questions about how you would deal with an unexpected emergency like an earthquake:

  1. Can I access my diary from anywhere?
  2. Can I access to my files from anywhere?
  3. Do I have client information handy?
  4. Could I complete orders or services from anywhere ?
  5. Can I continue to operate my business and for how long, from anywhere?

Consider your use of cloud based storage or offsite storage. We recommend Dropbox, icloud and Evernote. What do you recommend? Whatever you choose you will need access to your diary, your client contact details and your product and service information.

I had to deal with lots of other things today as a result of the earthquake and it made lots of things uncertain and stressful. For example school was closed so my son couldn’t attend school. I had a client to see who would have been affected by the earthquake too. I was dealing with after shocks, news reports, family and friends affected by the earthquake and I still had a business to run. I did what I had to because I was prepared. Would you be?


Kerri Bainbridge

Anywhere Team NZ

(team member)