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How to Plan for a Successful Year

Now that the New Year is here, it is the perfect time to set goals for your business and your personal life.
If you’ve had difficulty achieving your goals in the past, maybe it was because you tried to accomplish too much at once and were overwhelmed.
This year, use these goal-setting tips, and map out a successful step-by-step plan you can easily follow:
1. Focus on one or two main goals – Choose just one or two larger goals to pursue this year. This can be difficult, but narrowing your focus is essential and will allow you to better concentrate on whichever goal(s) you choose.
2. Create subgoals – After you’ve settled on your main goal(s) for the year, it’s time to break it down into monthly subgoals to make the larger objective more manageable. Think of the most important tasks you need to accomplish to reach your main goal, and assign those tasks to each month of the year. Segmenting the process this way will help you visualise what you need to do every month to stay on track.
3. Create microgoals – Make your monthly goals more manageable by breaking them into 4 (four) microgoals, which can be thought of as weekly goals. This will help you avoid the temptation to procrastinate and leave all your subgoal duties for the end of each month. You can also segment your weekly microgoals into daily tasks so that you’ll know each day what you need to do to stay on schedule.
Remember, the key to goal setting is staying organised. Take the time to understand what you need to do every month, week and day this year in order to reach your larger goals, and then get started. Good luck!

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