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Here are some ideas. If you adopt some of the ideas it is a good idea to do a business plan and find out the reasons that will motivate you towards your goals.

1.     Affiliate Marketing…………… Six Figure Mentors as an example:

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2.     An Ecommerce Store…….. selling goods and services on behalf of others -Local Craft is an example

3.     Earning advertising revenue from Blogging… using your hosted site and google ad sense

4.     Sell products on sites such as Trademe and ebay…. Picking up goods cheaply and on selling at a profit

5.     Coach, train and mentoring…. Like Anywhere Business Network

6.     Drop Shipping….. Being an Amazon Affiliate

7.     Freelance Blogging…… Writing other people’s blogs for them

8.     Virtual Assistant…. Answering email and telephone communication organising email etc

9.     Web Designer…. Designing word press sites for people

10.   Deal in Domains…. Domain reseller

11.   Outsourcing Services…. Find and source cheap producers sell at a margin

12.   Forex Trading… Risky

13.   Building Apps…. Games etc

14.   Become a telemarketer…… Speaks for its self

15.   Create and edit video…. High speed internet and software patience required!

16.   Manage Social Media on behalf of others….. An increasingly in demand group

17.   Create Content of Value and Sell it… eBooks and webinars

18.   Translate…. Skills required

A fair few of the above revenue streams can be combined to ensure you do not have all your risk in one area!

The above skills are available to learn at the Digital Experts Academy Digital Business Lounge at SFM -see our banner on this page.


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What ideas do you have for 2018?

What is your goal?

Feedback is appreciated!

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