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Raving Fans

When I first started in business I had to get my knowledge up to speed.

Raving fans! It was 1997 and the best way then of getting information was to read and learn about how to create a client base. One book amongst the many stood out. “Raving Fans”, this book taught me the benefits of not just delivering the product. I also had to give greater value to the client. I have found that it is all about creating value for the client and letting the relationship of trust develop. It isn’t always about the money… you can see by our website “why” statement I am trying to inspire our communities of West Coast Tasman to make better businesses and happier clients! To make that relationship work you have to have a meeting of minds where you are fulfilling the needs of the client. To do this you have to listen. Below is a video on this subject! Remember you can join our team by signing up today!