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Are you sending the right message on your digital media, in your sales pitch and advertising?


Way too many people talk way too much about themselves rather than about the benefits of the customer dealing with them. So have a look at your website what are you doing on your website. Are you telling everyone that you’ve been in business for 83 years? (… and seriously who cares except maybe you and your mother) or when I’m visit you online am I discovering what it’s like to do business with your business.

Am I finding out the sort of results that I might get, the value that might accrue to me when I actually invest some time to work with you?  You see, what customers really care about are those results.  What they really care about is- how am I going to improve, how is my situation going to be improved, how is my business going to be improved as a result of your product or service and as a potential customer?

I’m going to believe your existing customers before I’ll believe you. That’s why when I go to your website and I look at your other marketing collateral or when I’m visited by one of your sales people, what I really want to see is how does this work. I want to see case studies, I want to see testimonials, I want to hear your customers talking to me about why you’re so great. But more importantly what that means to me.

So put your customer eyes on here and take a look at all of your marketing collateral and start with your website make sure that you’re not just telling us how wonderful you are, how long you’ve been in business, make sure that when I leave that page I’m really clear on where the value to me is as a customer. And when you do that I get a much better picture of what it’s like to do business with you and that helps me make a better decision about becoming one of your customers.

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Collaboration, Mindset, Learning

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