Mindset, Learning, Collaboration

Our business won a blogging competition in 2017 so we decided to do a blog on how to do a blog! The blogs we write firstly built on the principle of servant leadership- that is, putting the interests of others first.

When I do a blog I am mindful of 3 things:

1.       My target market (learning)

2.       Whether the content is interesting

3.       To spur a call to action

The reasons why I use the digital bloggers platform are:

1.       The ease of use

2.       The common values I have with the community (collaboration)

3.       The collective power of blogging as a community allows greater reach

4.       Development of our brand!

Lastly, when I write a blog I want people to learn and be inspired (mindset). The blogs that I write have a lot of myself in them, my values, the values of our business and positive movement forward! After all Anywhere Business Network has its “why statement”:

Why We Do What We Do:

We wake up in the morning wanting to inspire people and their communities to make a difference.

Small businesses are the core of communities.

We are passionate that collaboration, mindset and learning are key to small business success.

Feedback is appreciated!

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Andrew Elphick

Half of the Anywhere Business Network

Collaborate, Mindset, Learning