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Business essentials

Business Essentials

Business Essentials

Business Essentials: Here are some providers of great resources we recommend to make life easy

Want to build a website that is monetized immediately? How is this possible start the journey!

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In order to be successful in this digital space, a combination of internet presence is needed.

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Knowledge of the skills required is a must! The greatest give you can give yourself is how to complete the tasks. I have found what you need all in one place! The Digital Business Lounge is a learning hub like no other! Quality training on WordPress allows you to get your website up and running quickly! For as little as $1.00USD  this is an incredible deal. What have you got to loose!


Fiverr dot com can complete stationary, logos, websites/SEO design and lots of other services at a low cost. It has freelancers all around the world. Even this website has elements of design from them! The cost will astound you!

Free parking is New Zealand’s premier small business host. If you combine the training that you receive via the Digital Business Lounge and combine it with the powerful back office tools that free parking gives you are on to a winner!



If you are looking for Digital Office essential items have you tried shopping via Aliexpress? Banner below! I just purchased a 4g 10 inch tablet landed in NZ for $169.00…. good bargins!

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