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Learning allows change!

My objective when I started doing Yoga was to undertake a task that would reduce stress and improve my health. I found that I needed core skills and motivation to carry it thru, I found I had to break the objectives down and spend time listening watching and imitating others who knew what they were doing!

When you start to move towards an objective there are lots of small tasks that you need to master in order to move on towards the objective. The irony is that there is always another objective to attain once you have reached that objective! There are a number of motivators that need to be present when you start learning a task:

  1. Enjoy what you are doing
  2. Take failure as a learning experience practice it until you get it right
  3. Remember the feelings of success because they will help you get thru!

The keyword used above is learning. Learning how to do what you are trying to achieve may take a lot of research! You see our businesses tagline includes learning and we have a section of our website dedicated to it!

In business when you are confronted with change or a pinch point holding you back, you need to start learning about methods to cope with that change as standing still is not an option!



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