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We all have abilities that we nurture over the years.

Mine is taxation!

Hey, I know that it appears boring to a lot of people, however, it has held my interest since 1980! After being with Inland Revenue (read IRS/ATO) I branched out my own in 1997 and joined a group of peers for support. As with any organization you participate and as such, I served on its controlling body for six years as well as being a member active in supporting it! So my peers recognized that by making me a fellow of my peer group! I was quite pleased! I am also pleased that it recognizes my ethics!

Abilities ethical recognition

Andrew Elphick receiving recognition for ethical abilities

My success in this field all goes down to being a member who is part of a community. Now Anywhere Business Network is also part of a community! The digital marketing part of our company is an active member of the digital expert’s academy and as such has access to what happened last week in digital marketing! This differs from traditional learning in that the members are all actively marketing their business online and the mentors within the community have incredible ability. You too can experience the power of digital learning and currently, there is a 30-day free trial! Worth a look!

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