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Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey Over the past 4 years, I have been slowly developing my Yoga practice. Being 56 I am not over the hill and yoga has given me a new lease on life. My objective has been to assist with reducing daily/life stress levels and increase my wellbeing.  The mindset and the collaboration with my yoga teachers and fellow students have helped me in developing my mind body and soul balance as a person.  I have attended sessions with different teachers and styles and appreciated the techniques learned. In my practice I have come to acknowledge that my connection with the perfect yoga session is as follows:

Phase 1 the Yoga Nidra

At workshops, I have to acknowledge Nikki Fitzgerald and Ruth Cole (Scientist Nelson) for explaining the nature of Yoga Nidra and leading me thru a 1.5 hour guided practice. It allowed me to fully appreciate the meditative state that this phase can bring. The reality is a 1-hour session is that this phase can only exist for a 5 minute period. I have to acknowledge Layla Dowthwaite (HR consultant Greymouth) as being highly skilled at getting the meditative state of the Nidra in a short time. Explanation of the breathing technique is great. This phase is also assisted by the chant of Om the tying in of oneness with the group and Dr. Jamie Mosher (Surgeon Greymouth) is particularly skilled at leading this. Setting the intention during this phase is a powerful aspect! This part of my Yoga Journey is important!

Phase 2 The Vinyasa Flow

The King if the flow has to be acknowledged as Chai Deva at Evolve Studio in Nelson as well as managing the Evolve festival he does a wicked Vinyasa flow. I have to also acknowledge his staff Kelly Gill-Brydon as equally skilled. The flow has to flow! On a local front, Hot Flow Yoga in Wellington and Christchurch are good with this too! A special mention of the use of modern and classical asanas in the flow has to go to Hannah Green of Wild Peace Wellness Centre in Westport. Locally Naomi Robbins, Layla Dowthwaite, Jamie Mosher all have great technique with a variance of asanas dependent on who is in the class!

Phase 3 The Pinnacle

Yeah, I know no one calls it that… that’s the part with the balance pose or the core strength pose…. One of my teachers does this all thru out his class! I like the idea of the achievable not so much human origami but something simple graceful and restorative as well as being challenging!3

Phase 4 the Warm Down

Slowly going down all the muscle groups with the final stretches is a must with this old fella. All have their own technique and this does not need to be overlooked or rushed.

Phase 5 Shavasana

Although it looks easy, Savasana (Corpse Pose) has been called the most difficult of the asanas. Indeed, many yoga students who can happily balance, bend, and twist through the rest of class struggle with just lying on the floor. The reason is that the art of relaxation is harder than it looks. It doesn’t happen on demand: You can’t just say, “OK, I’m going to relax, right now! That’s why Savasana is such a gift. The pose sets up the conditions that allow you to gradually enter a truly relaxed state, one that is deeply refreshing in itself and that also can serve as a starting point for meditation. The other night Hannah Green slowly pushed down on my shoulders and quietly massaged my forehead. Kelly Gill-Brydon placed a scented bean bag over my eyes. Naomi Robbins massaged my shoulders. Maya, Jamie Moshers’ daughter massaged the shoulders and talked of clouds. I am not too macho to say that these acts of kindness bring tears to my eyes and I am grateful and certainly are some of the most restorative acts in Yoga.

Phase 6 The Final Meditation

This brings it all together on my Yoga Journey and for my reviews what I have achieved in my restorative practice. It also makes me feel at one with the group on certain occasions. Particular techniques are the sealing of the intent in phase 1 and chants such as the 3 oms and mantra chants bringing me back to the peace of the world such as Shanti Shanti Shanti.


I have had some extra fun sessions with Yoga. Two which stand out are:

Rhapsody Yoga Wellington

Gemma leads the class in a graceful vinyasa flow while her partner Paul plays his guitar singing. The flow perfectly matches the melodies and sound. Just the love that they have for each other that flows from the class is worth the experience!


Jo Willcox Motueka

Human Mandala Yoga Jo leads the class in a circle all supported with each other this leads to reinforcement of trust and ability. You have to experience it!



It is not surprising given Yogas benefits that the teachers above are very intelligent and talented. My fellow students have come from all walks of life and reflect the practice of yoga bestowed by these leaders.



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48 Hours

48 Hours

The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind. The day before yesterday I set out to complete at least two sets of financial statements and there associated tax returns and deliver them to the clients as well as make sure I was available to an old soldier to drive him to various ANZAC day activities around Greymouth and district. Earlier this month I lost a filling in a tooth and made an appointment to see a dentist. The booking clerk said that I  the first emergency appointment was the 3rd of may and being the 10th of April and knowing that they are busy souls I accepted this. So my tasks set started the financial statements. And the pain from the tooth was getting worse.

I finished the statements and then took the dog with me for a ride to Westport to drop off the accounts and get some signatures of the tax returns. The first client I dropped the accounts off at is suffering from cancer and while working still does so around chemotherapy. I got the signatures and spend a little time afterwards saying to myself how thankful I was to be as I was and reflected on his steadfast resolve. I picked up a hitchhiker she told me the bus had left her with a 3 kilometre walk to the hostel and her pack was twice her size I dropped her at the hostel door. She patted my dog… my dog was pleased. I reflected that a dogs are happy souls who don’t need much. While travelling up the Coast Rd I decided to call in on a hermit client who Inland Revenue is getting upset with for not filing returns. The hermit has a simple life. He is a vegetarian who exists on mung beans who recycles his tea leaves by drying them out to reuse again. He lives in an old caravan with a canvas cover over it to stop the leaks. He always greets me with a smile and is one of the kindest souls I know. He wasn’t there and as I left his property I marvelled to myself about how you can live simply in live and reflected on his humility. I stopped often on the trip to let my little dog out of the car to have a run around. The dog showed the loyalty of always obeying me when asked to get back to the car rather than disappear into the bush. I reflected on the Dogs loyalty and its trust that it placed in me.


I then proceed to the next client to drop off the accounts in Westport. I talked with a client about life and business and plans for the future direction and we both noticed the tooth, the client seeing swelling and me with the pain. I reflected on this clients calmness and friendliness. While in Westport I took the opportunity to take in a yoga class. I arrived early at the class and asked if I could meditate early there. The instructor said yes. The bright and clean premises are a credit to Westport and represent the attitude of the proprietors to business. I reflected on their tenacity.

I then drove back to Greymouth stopping to let my loyal Dog out for a runaround. On one of the stops in a deserted car park, I woman was trying to get into her sleeper van as she had locked the keys in. I quietly opened her van door with skills learned from another life. She was thankful. I reflected on her courage as she still had a smile on her face despite her anguish.

I arrived home with tooth paid steadily getting worse. I got out my suit medals and shoes for ANZAC day and my partner gave me one of her codeine and I went to sleep. At just after midnight I got up with a massive sweat, I proceeded to the porch to cool down and collapsed in massive paid and about 5 minutes later I was able to get up…. My brunch coat was saturated, I include to go to the Doctor the next day once my obligations were completed.


I got up at 4.00am early the swelling was greater. I went and fuelled up at 5.00am and then went to pick up my passenger for the day. The veteran I picked up was 80 and served two tours in Vietnam. Affected by injuries and lung infections with agent orange he is grateful that I make sure he can attend the ANZAC day events each year.

48 HoursVenotaph




I attended dawn parade and while others commenced a day of talk rum and beer chasers I drunk my coffee. My passenger gave up alcohol 20 years ago… he consumed a couple of lifetimes of alcohol drinking a 40 oz of rum after each military operations he was on so did not need anymore! After dawn parade at the cenotaph, we had breakfast at the RSA and then when to the servicemen plot at the cemetery.

Everyone is Important

I took the opportunity to visit my fathers grave he died 16th October 1986 at the age of 52. I miss his countenance. My passenger visited his father’s grave as well. We then went to Greymouth Hospitals service. This was lead by an ex ARMY nurse and the guest speaker was a Quaker nurse who served in Vietnam by looking after refugees. The service is held in front of a memorial to one of the 3 Greymouth nurses who died in World War one when their ship was torpedoed in the Aegean sea off Gallipoli.


We then went to Blackball I tried to get my passenger as close as possible to the service but he still marched. We then went back to the workingman’s club where I met a number of clients and saw a friend with her new partner. She explained me to her partner as her guardian angel and I told her new partner that if he ever touched her with violence that I would seek him out. I thought to myself that the least this woman can have and deserve is no more violence in her relationships. I then took the passenger home and proceeded to the Hospital to get some medical attention. After an hour waiting they gave me some antibiotics as well painkillers and suggested to me that I call on the Dentist and ask if my emergency appointment can be brought forward as the Doctor in the hospital thought it would be a good idea.


Finally, I came home had a nap and then had a snack. The meds were doing their work and after watching the News on TV went to Yoga again in Greymouth and this put me in a much better position to sleep.  I forgot to mention while I was out and about I picked up two new clients.



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Simple Yet Complex

Collaboration with another takes trust. It is a meeting of minds clear about boundaries yet at the same time understanding of the back stories which shape our daily lives. The deepest of understandings get’s the greatest results in that there is equality in the effort towards a common objective. There is little hidden as ego has been parked and that deep understanding allows one or other to concentrate on the other things that life has. The business goal is secondary to the feelings of joy and happiness that are self-evident to a fulfilling life. While there are deadlines there is inherent flexibility that goes with the deep understanding. While contributions are not always forthcoming the thinking and strategies take time to hone and tune as the business develops and then fine tunes it’s self into a well-oiled machine.

Patience perseverance and persistence are the mantras of the collaborative effort. In the end, it is quality over quantity with the underlying principle of excellence of effort. There is no need for constant praise as the understanding is enduring and has risen above that need. “I hope” is replaced with “We know”. Success is measured in feelings and results naturally occur.

Simple Collaboration

An awakening to the possibilities has happened and abundance of feeling alive. That is what collaboration can be!

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Is being too busy affecting your health?

Is busyness affecting your health and wellbeing?

No matter what you do for a living, you need to feel that you have been productive. I know what its like to feel like you have had a busy day but cant think what you have achieved. It feels like you were just reacting to things rather than planning to do them. This is not productive it is reactive. Under these circumstances it is very easy to drift along and feel as though you must be successful because you are so busy. Busy does not mean success. In fact in most cases it is simply a reflection that you are just surviving.

I am sure some of you will be able to say that you are financially successful and so this cannot be true. But, what is this business doing to your health and well being? If you are exhausted, stressed and tired then the answer is yes. Is this what you want in your life? If its not then you might want to think about changing the way you approach your day from a reactive one to one where you plan what you are going to do. This might not sound simple when you can see all the work that needs to be done but if you take this time you will gain the time back in your business and in your life because you will have better health and well being. Have you considered what the stress of a busy job does for your relationships with others? Maybe you are not being the kind of partner, friend or parent you want to be because you are tired and stressed.

Its time to take back the power and make a few small changes that could change your outlook on your business and your life. Try these planning tools. Give yourself 21 days to really make a change.

3 planning tips to set you up for a productive day

1. Top 3 tasks

Every morning, make a list of the top 3 things you want to achieve that day. You may have a bigger “to do list” and that’s good but you need to prioritise them. Select 1 big one and 2 small easy ones. Ideally the 2 smaller ones can be knocked off in one day. With the big one you will need to have several sub goal because it is so big. See my blog to help with this. It is important to set yourself up to have a good day and feel you have achieved something. If you don’t plan to achieve anything you will constantly feel like you never achieve anything. Logical right? So many people just get up and look at all the tasks and try to get as much done as they can. Stop doing this. You need to see progress.

For me the small tasks are things like – get out todays orders or get out 10 orders in 2 hours or spend 2 hours answering emails. If you just sit at your computer an answer all your emails or fill every order you may never get to anything else. You may need to set up an auto email response to say you aim to answer all emails within 2 working days. You may need a similar one for orders that state when an order will be filled. If you can do better than your stated response time you will and this will make the customer happy but they knew not to expect anything else.

2. 50/10 rule

Work on one important task for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Refocus, start a fresh and get back to your to-do list (see point 1). During this 10 minute break I recommend:

  1. you don’t just have coffee during this break. Do something physical like stretching or go for a quick walk around the house or garden.
  2. you make sure you have plenty of water to sip on during the day and reduce your coffee in take to 2-3 cups a day.Distraction Management
  3. Use a diary

You might use a paper diary or a digital diary but if you don’t use it well you will not feel you are on top of things. I use google calendar on my phone and this syncs with my online calendar in google. When I first started using my digital diary I also used a paper diary as I like to see things on paper. It might take you a while to let go of your paper diary too. Find something that works for you. The thing I found hardest was talking to clients and booking the appointment at the same time. I eventually found a way to fix that. What I did was to have an online booking system with set times I was available. This sent them a reminder too which helped with no shows. There are lots of online booking systems and the free ones don’t have reminders. I found it was worth paying for it.

You can invite clients to an appointment on google calendar and hope it ends up in their calendar. That’s free. This relies on you to take the booking and set it up. If you pay for a system you put in your time slots and clients choose a time. This saves heaps of time if you are looking for time savings.

In summary, don’t let your day rule you. A bit of planning and good work habits will turn busyness into productiveness and ultimately better health and well being.


Kerri Bainbridge

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Communities Online

Communities Online

8 Reasons Why You Should Join the Six Figure Mentors

1. It`s your chance to escape the 9 to 5, live anywhere, and join the new rich.

Not many people dream of working long hours in a job or business with limited potential, yet so many of us are. I know I have! You get up to an annoying alarm clock, you get stuck in traffic on the way to a job you don`t want to do, where you`ll take orders from a boss or a client you probably don`t like, knowing that you`ll get paid a wage that is limited no matter how hard you work.
The number one thing this course and system gave me is not the money, but the opportunity of living a life of freedom. A life that is no longer about living paycheck to paycheck, or about wishing for things that I cannot provide my family with. This is an opportunity that truly gives me the freedom to work anywhere and do anything I want, whenever I want.
The Six Figure Mentors (The SFM), is a real opportunity to work online and live life the way you want to.

2. Anyone can do it. Communities Online are there 24/7

My biggest concern when I was considering joining The Six Figure Mentors was that I wouldn`t be good enough. What if I wasn`t smart enough to make it work? What if I didn`t have the technical know-how? I honestly had no idea about eCommerce, Internet marketing, website creation, you name it. It looked like a golden opportunity but I thought it was out of my reach. In the end, it was probably the hope of a better life that drove me to get started and let me tell you, I have absolutely no regrets!
The business system Stuart and Jay have created is so simple it`s ridiculous. In the video tutorials and the live training they practically hold your hand and show you step-by-step, in plain English, how to do everything they do. No existing expertise required. All you need is the will and determination to make it work.

3. You can choose your income level.

The best thing about the system is that it`s scalable, which means you can repeat it over and over until you`ve achieved any level of income you want. The amount of money you can make is only limited by your own effort and investment. This is why when people ask me how much money you can make with these methods, I tell them to pick a number. The sky is the limit.

4. The SFM Exclusive Private Community.

“I love coming here every day and participating in The SFM community.”

Ever felt frustrated, lost, or overwhelmed when starting something totally new and on your own before? There is a specific reason for this… you probably had nobody to turn to when you were stuck. You will never have this feeling as a member of The SFM. The owners themselves (Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek) and SFM`s leadership team are available for support, which is awesome, however, that is not even the best part. Here, you have the ability to connect and communicate with 100`s of other aspiring and successful SFM members.
Yes, that is right. You can communicate directly with people that are having the same problems as you; people who have solved these problems already and want to help, along with many very successful online marketers, some of which make multiple six figures every year. That mentorship alone is worth 10 times the price of admission in my opinion! Communities online work!

Live members – chat with people who share
your goals and ambitions. It`s priceless!

Communities Online

Private Members Forum – Real help when you need it!

This is great, and you`ll find it`s pivotal to your success. I wasn`t expecting too much in the way of support when I started out (after all, you can only experience the support once you`ve handed over your money). The truth is, the community offers great support and I love the fact I get to interact with other like-minded members. You can literally ask the simplest of questions and get back a comprehensive, well-thought-out response that you can tell other members have taken the time to put some serious thought behind. Rarely will you get a generic or rushed response. Communities online work!

5. Tiny initial investment.

This business model has ridiculously small start-up costs. Most ordinary businesses or franchises with this kind of income potential take hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds to start and require huge loans. What will your start-up cost be with The Six Figure Mentors? It costs $29.95 to submit your application. Then starting with Module 1, you can test out the system, get on the phone with a coach and have all your questions answered. Then for the full business system, which is optional, it`s just a $297 one-time fee and $97 per month thereafter (no contracts or minimum term). That`s right folks, $297 to start something that has the potential replace your full-time income!

6. The Training Works!

With hundreds of training tutorials, videos, and downloadable guides (and growing every day), The SFM offers online business training like no other platform. If you are an absolute beginner or if you are an expert looking to expand your knowledge base and network, their robust training will help you take your business to the next level.
There are various training categories within The SFM. These include topics such as:
• Getting Started Fast
• Laying Your Foundations
• Starting Your Marketing
• Blogging
• Video Marketing
• Ezine Advertising
• Forum Marketing
• Facebook Advertising
• WordPress
Each category contains its own set of specific resources which walk you through the entire process. If you are an absolute newbie, this will get you up and be running very quickly.
It was actually the blogging module within The SFM that enabled me to start this very blog – putting to work what I learned, straight away!
One thing that I think is really cool is how there are many experts who contribute regularly to The SFM by adding new videos, tutorials, and posts for other members. To be honest with you, the training at The SFM is more than most advanced college courses would ever offer! Every single training resource is included with your membership. This is really awesome!

7. Amazing Tools and Services.

What many people are paying extra for comes included in your The SFM membership.
Here`s where I saved a ton of money with tools and services included such as website hosting, website builder, graphics creator, ebook cover creator, viral report builder, simple tracking and split testing software, it goes on and on. With communities online you have access where and when you want.
The SFM will continue to exceed your expectations. I have never been associated with a company that is more giving. I mean, when the guys behind The Six Figure Mentors create a new tool or service they give it to members at no additional cost.

8. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Having nothing to lose is probably the biggest reason to join The SFM. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why? Stu and Jay offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The chances that you won`t love this course are slim (there`s a 3% refund rate), but even if you don`t – just send support an email and they`ll give you all your money back, no questions asked.
To get started RIGHT NOW with The Six Figure Mentors and gain INSTANT access to the system and training, click the link below to find out more! Communities online work!

Andrew and Kerri
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The change in the digital landscape is a constant. Learning is ongoing!

Dealing Stress

Dealing  Stress

Stress can be good and bad. It is how you deal with it. When I worked for the government in a compliance role stress was an everyday occurrence. There wasn’t much help to deal with it and frankly, a lot of the people I worked with on reflection exhibited signs of stress! It took me years to develop my own strategies for dealing with it! Stress can manifest itself into health problems that can become long-term issues. A way of dealing with it that I have found useful are:

  1. Exercise particularly yoga
  2. Meditation A clearing of the headspace
  3. Collaboration and Networking Sharing the pain points and celebrating the wins
  4. Learning about the warning signs and using counter strategies
  5. Seeking mentors (the link to some good mentors here) to check in with and above all listen too
  6. Develop a daily routine that allows the time for counter stress activities


Dealing  stress save your heart

My secret is striving for the balance of mind body and soul, be present in the moment and make sure the activities that I choose to undertake can have joy and happiness as an objective.


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The Moment


Everyone has there the moment. That moment when everything clicks. You feel the warmth of emotion rise thru the body and have a handle on that warmth. You feel good and the energy is powerful. Congratulations you are in touch with your higher power. You are present. You could cherish the moment. Remember what set it off. This is your happy place where it all makes sense. A smile has come across your face. You are at peace. All your kindness compassion and generosity are there! How did you get there again? You were in touch with your higher power. Your love and that is your soul! Your mind body and soul are working in unison for once. No one did this too you, you did it all by yourself!


Fostering energy from emotions is nothing new, it gives you the energy to carry on thru the day. Setting aside that time for that happy place is important. That here and now moment when the mind is not racing and your body is still. When you feel the stress build and the world is getting out of control, just remember you can get in touch with your soul at any time!

Take a look at your mindset? Are you ready for your moment?


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